Integration & Service Based Solutions

More and more companies are looking to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as strategy to better align their business goals with IT to achieve competitive edge. Service oriented architecture is a higher level of application development that enables IT to focus on business processes, rather than the underlying IT infrastructure.

TriNetra™ consultants have been instrumental in successfully implementing large size integration projects. Whether it is SOA readiness, or planning or implementation, TriNetra consultants are available to assist the clients on any aspect of service-oriented architecture. We have the experience of creating and organizing interoperable services that are based on industry-standard protocols and are independent of the underlying technology. We can help organize your enterprise IT around services instead of applications.

Some Major Integration Projects:

Number Portability Project (Major Wireless Service Provider)

Project involved integration with multiple systems (over 15) to allow seamless porting of numbers in and out of the client (major wireless service provider). Click to see more details

 Enterprise Servie Bus (Utility Company)

Trinetra team designed and implemented high performance Enterprise Service Bus.  Click to see more details

WebLogic Integration Migration 

Migration from business processes implemented in WebLogic Process Integration (WLPI)  version 2 .1 to newer BEA/Oracle technologies (WebLogic Integration  9.1, AquaLogic Service Bus, AquaLogic Data Service Provider). Click to see more details