Data Management and Governance

Data governance is a cross functional management program that treats data as an enterprise asset. Data governance provides companies the competitive advantage, brings efficiency, and saves cost. More and more companies are realizing that data governance is very important from legal and regulatory reasons in today’s environment and they do need to govern their strategic, critical and shared data.

TriNetra™ can help the clients with:

Data governance:  setting up corporate policies, processes and technologies, essential to align with set of enterprise goals.

Data quality: Determine metrics and KPI’s to track data quality. Confirm the data ownership, accountability, access, security, privacy and definitions.

Master data management:  Create an architecture strategy to address technology requirements such as MDM


Recent Projects: 

Data Migration and consolidation
Team of consultants worked as data management and integration experts on a data migration project. The project involved the consolidation of various databases (e.g. Customer, Billing etc.) to remove redundancy. See more details…