Some Key Projects

Trinetra™ has delivered various high profile integration and SOA implementation, cloud and mobile projects across various industries.

Here is summary of some recent projects:

Number Portability Project (Major Wireless Service Provider)
Project involved integration with multiple systems (over 15) to allow seamless porting of numbers in and out of the client (major wireless service provider).

Key project features and accomplishments:

  • —  Complex business process orchestration
  • —  Integration with over 15 internal and external systems
  • —  Thousands of long running transactions each day
  • —  Adherence to strict SLA’s
  • —  Best performance in the telecom industry after launch

 Enterprise Servie Bus (Utility Company)
Trinetra team designed and implemented high performance Enterprise Service Bus.

  • —  Helped client with SOA implementation
  • —  Developed complex orchestration
  • —  Implemented service registry
  • —  Integration with 20+ systems

WebLogic Integration Migration 
Migration from business processes implemented in WebLogic Process Integration (WLPI)  version 2 .1 to newer BEA/Oracle technologies (WebLogic Integration  9.1, AquaLogic Service Bus, AquaLogic Data Service Provider).

Key accomplishments:

  • —  Complex orchestration and long running business transactions
  • —  Integration with over 10 systems and apps
  • —  No business impact and no interface changes
  • —  On time and on budget delivery
  • —  Training the client staff

Accessibility Compliance (Major car manufacturer)
A fixed price offsite project to provide level A compliance to a web portal of a major car manufacturer.

The project involved:

  • three interactive web applications, various technologies, Java and .Net based
  • correcting and re-writing Java, VB, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Unified Web Portal (Mobility Company)
Developed a high performance Web Navigation and Dashboard for all blackberry devices. Key features:

  • provided per-user customization
  • navigation between approximately 15 web applications
  • dashboard to subscribed services
  • 20 million signed-on users per month
  • 250 million personalized page views per month

Resolution Services (Mobility Company)
Designed and developed a high performance database resolution services for cloud:

  • Graph-like database, schema-less, ad-hoc queries, high performance
  • 100 billion edges
  • 1 million queries per second, 10 thousand updates per second
  • 97th percentile 3ms query latency, max latency 5ms
  • pluggable backends (Cassandra, Redis, Riak, Oracle, etc.) to allow tailoring to different uses
  • JVM based, REST API

Data Migration and consolidation
Team of consultants worked as data management and integration experts on a data migration project. The project involved the consolidation of various databases (e.g. Customer, Billing etc.) to remove redundancy.

  • Current state analysis and provided leadership to multiple data owners in reaching a consensus on the future state.
  • Data cleansing and consolidation of multiple data sources and design of data quality rules.
  • Developed best practices for the development team to build new interfaces and transformations.