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In the Energy sector, Trinetra provides robust solutions for operational excellence and customer service. Our expertise in smart grid technology, data management, and process automation helps energy providers to enhance efficiency, manage resources effectively, and meet the evolving demands of a dynamic industry.

63% increase efficiency in Energy sector, Trinetra IT solutions facilitates smooth transitions for Energy companies, ensuring secure data migration without system replacement. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure for enhanced efficiency

Industry Reports, 2023

Creating sustainable operations for effective resource management and customer service

These solutions streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive sustainability. By leveraging smart automation and data-driven insights, Trinetra helps energy deliver reliable services, reduce costs, and achieve their sustainability goals. With Trinetra’s solutions , energy can optimize their processes, improve customer experiences, and stay at the forefront of the industry's digital transformation.

Success Stories

Process Modernization

The company was in the midst of updating its information technology infrastructure. They aimed to review their current operational procedures…

Integration Platform Strategy

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Integration for Higher Education Client

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The Server Health Check Automation Project

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Automation of build and deployment of Virtual Environments

YoHudl, The Complete Boardroom Experience

Developing an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for Enhanced Integration and Automation

Document Management System Strategy and Implementation

Integration Project for Municipal Client

Backend Processing System

Reporting Solution using OBIEE 12.0

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